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to Parkland Primary School

Year 5 trip to National Media Museum

The children watched a film called Big this was all about engineering and structures and how they take their lead from nature. The children also took part in tow workshops. In the first they looked at reptiles by studying these animals it has helped us to develop useful day to day items. The second was on insects and by studying these animals and how they adapt to there surroundings has helped us to develop things such as camouflage  amongst  others. The children heard their voices echo through a big tube, and got lost in a hall of mirrors. They had fun finding answers as they explored light and sound.  

Year 5A

Year 5A & 5B had a fantastic time at Bagshaw museum on Wednesday and enjoyed lots of Ancient Egyptian experiences including embalming a mummy, creating a cartouche and handling objects that were over 3,000 years old. Our children were a credit to the school and displayed exemplary behaviour at all times. Well done Year 5!