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Year 1

Monty came into help us learn about caring for animals. The children asked Miss Fox's mum questions to find out what he eats and a what's a healthy diet for him, how much exercise he needs, how Mrs Fox keeps him clean, where he sleeps and generally learning about how Mrs Fox keeps him happy and healthy.

The children investigated art work by abstract artist Peter Thorpe specifically looking at his rocket paintings. They also looked at recreating the sky, solar system and stars in the style of Jackson Pollock. They used skills such as paint blowing, mobile rolling and paint splatting. Some of the children joined in with making papier Mache covering various sized balloons to represent the planets. A big thank you to all the parents who attended,  fun was had by all.

Year 1 had parents come in to talk about reading for pleasure and how to help children choose books they may be interested in. Year 1 are doing super well with their reading and I now want to encourage them to read for pleasure and develop their own mini library of books they enjoy. We also looked at questions you can ask the children before, during and after reading a book. After I spoke to parents they had the opportunity to read with their children, choosing from a variety of books, magazines and articles. It was a really lovely event and thank you to all the parents who came, the children thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Year 1's Shared Reading