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Courtesy, Kindness and respect

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Reception Class had a trip to Idle rec. They had lots of fun playing on the equipment and playing games,then they sat down and enjoyed picnic.

Here in Reception, we provide a stimulating and hands on curriculum solely based around the children's interests and needs. We provide rich first-hand experiences to excite and inspire the children, giving them opportunities that they may have not previously encountered. 


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With the talk of the Royal Wedding, Reception class decided that they would like to celebrate too! We had our very own wedding! Congratulations to the newlyweds! Thank you to the all of the lovely parents for joining us today. We hope you had as much fun as we did!


We have had such glorious weather this week. Thank you to all of the parents who joined us at Stay and Play today. We hope you enjoyed having our assembly outside! 


On Monday, one of the children approached Miss Badura and asked if she could play with her hair. Together (and with a few other children) we made a hairdressers. The children made their own signs, labels, lanyards and some magazines for the waiting area. One of the girls wrote her own story to go in the waiting area called 'The girl with Nits.' We then took photos of the fancy hair styles and made a brochure so the children could select which one they would like. The children then wrote about what hair style they would like whilst waiting in the waiting area for the hairdresser. We added water to the shampoo and conditioner bottles so we could style our hair!


We create as many opportunities as possible to get the children speaking. This week, one of our girls brought some paper doll templates into school. Lots of the children designed their own. The four girls in the photos made their own superheroes and then they made up their own story that I helped them to write. Afterwards, they acted their story out to the rest of the class. It was fab! Because this was child-initiated, the children were so interested and keen to write. Our children write for a purpose and as a result, their work was of a much greater quality.


The children have expressed an interest in making their own books this week so we decided to make a library in our classroom. The children made their own signs, wrote their books and placed them in the library for the other children to read. We also went to our school library to choose some books to bring back to the classroom. It's so lovely seeing the children reading for pleasure. We then wrote to Idle Library and went to visit them for a story. 


Lots of the children expressed an interest in role-playing McDonald’s so we brought McDonald’s to Parkland! We made healthy burgers from scratch. They were delicious! Thank you for all of your snack contributions so far. We have made lots of tasty treats to eat! 


The children have been so interested in pirates. We bobbed a few pirate-related resources out in the deconstructed role-play area and it blossomed into making a fabulous pirate ship, creating maps and then using the beebots to find the treasure! The writing that we got out of it was fab!

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