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Welcome to Parkland Primary School.

Our mission statement: At Parkland Primary School, children learn in an atmosphere of courtesy, kindness and respect. By providing a stimulating, caring and enjoyable environment we ensure that each individual is able to fulfil their potential.

The days are getting longer and it's starting to get a bit easier to get up in the morning.  Well done to everyone who gets themselves to school on time, ready to learn.  If your child is in Key Stage Two and is late to school and has missed learning, they will have a reading session at break-time to make sure they have not missed out.  Every second counts!

If you require a paper copy of any of the information published on our website please contact the school office. This will be free of charge.

Please click above to see the most recent Ofsted Monitoring Visit letter.  When you are judged as requiring improvement, you get a monitoring visit to check how you are doing.  They simply judge whether or not school is 'taking effective action' towards its targets.  We have been judged as taking effective action but we know we still have lots to do!

Update: we are working on our areas of development all the time.  Expectations of all children are very high and we have a focus on challenging children in learning; all teachers from Year One to year Six are on a five term training programme to improve maths and there is a lot of reasoning going on around school; attendance is improving all the time and more and more children are getting to the standards they need to reach.  Thank you for all your support in our efforts.

Have a look at children's work across school on reasoning in maths.  Reasoning skills include showing how you have worked something out; explaining and justifying your answer; making predictions; proving statements right or wrong; using facts to find complex answers and much more.  We are finding that the more children can talk about maths and explain what they do, the more confident they are and the easier they find complex problems and challenges.

Latest Parkland Events

Reception Trip to St Leonards Farm24Apr2018

Year 5B Bike-a-bility30Apr2018

Y5B Bike-a-bility01May2018

Parents evening01May2018

3:15 pm - 6:00 pm

Parents Evening02May2018

3:15 pm - 4:30 pm

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Parkland Primary School News

  • We are running another movie afternoon on Friday 4th May. All children with 100% attendance from Monday 23rd April until Friday 4th May will be invited to our movie afternoon with treats
  • Nursery + Reception 23rd April 10 am- 6pm
  • A letter has gone out today regarding parents evening. If you haven't received one please call into the main office.
  • A letter has been sent out today in response to our previous letter regarding academistation. I hope your questions have been answered
  • Monday 23rd April 10am - 6pm
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