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Co-op Academy Parkland

Old Park Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD10 9BG


Courtesy, Kindness and respect

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Welcome to Cooperative academy parkland 

We have now joined the Cooperative Academy Trust.  Our website and information will be updated over the next few months to reflect any changes.  School signs will also be changed and all communications.

Co-operative Academy Parkland jumpers have been ordered and will soon be available at the office.  Anyone who has bought a new jumper this term will receive a new jumper for free.  Just nip into the office.  There is no rush to get new jumpers - we expect there to be a mix of old and new until everyone has grown out of their current jumper.  The office will let everyone know whenever we get a new delivery.

Open Day


Come and see us about school places for September 2019 on Tuesday 27th November 1pm - 6pm. Come and meet the staff and  have a look at our Early Years building 

Please click above to see the most recent Ofsted Monitoring Visit letter.  We are due for an Ofsted Inspection but we are also waiting to convert to an academy with the Co-operative Academy Trust.  We held a parents' meeting at the end of summer term and thank you to everyone who attended.  No-one will see any dramatic overnight changes around school apart from some signs but we will be working with our new partners to make school better for all. 


We would like to share some of our main priorities in school this year so you know what we are working on.  School Improvement Priorities:

  • improve reading across Y3 to Y6 and ensure all children are fluent, enjoy reading and can respond to questions at their age level
  • develop maths reasoning and children's ability to talk and give written answers about their maths
  • improve phonics results for Year One this year so they are back at national standards and ensure as many children as possible in the current Year Two class pass the phonics check
  • develop the skills children in non-core subjects (Music, Design Technology, Art, Geography etc) learn and ensure they are making progression in every year group
  • increase the number of children who know all their multiplication facts (to 12 x 12) and the corresponding division facts
  • improve attendance for those who are currently missing more than 5% of school days
  • develop outdoor learning and personal, emotional and problem solving skills that link to this
  • ensure all children access all areas of provision in Early Years and that boys and girls have lots of opportunities to read and write


Latest Parkland Events

Children in Need16Nov2018

Nursery Stay n Play16Nov2018

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Y5 Fire Safety Talk19Nov2018

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Y6 Online Bullying (police talk)19Nov2018

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Y6W @ Eccleshill Library20Nov2018

10:00 am - 11:15 am

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